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About Phase 2

Every water system experiences water loss. 

Establishing a baseline of validated water audit data is the anchor of a successful water loss strategy. 

The Colorado Water Loss Initiative provides a path to building and progressing your water loss program


It is an exciting tim in the water loss industry with updates to many of the industry-standard tools and resources for effective water loss management. There really is no better time for Colorado water systems to take advantage of this free training and technical program.





















Phase 2 offers two distinct learning tracks that provide a pathway for ALL participants to take advantage of all the program has to offer. It is both a continuation from Phase 1 for some utilities and a starting point to learn about the AWWA M36 methodology for others.. Water systems that completed Phase 1 in full (completed Level 1 Water Audit Validations) will continue an advanced track with training and direct technical assistance depending on the utility’s loss profile.  Technical assistance opportunities include supply input meter testing, billing data analysis and prorating, customer meter test design and result analysis, real loss component analysis, or leak detection. Systems that partially participated in Phase 1 or are brand new to the program will enter a new learner track with the opportunity to move into the advanced program track. 






















Phase 2 is expected to start in Fall 2021 and continue through 2024.  













Think BIG, even if you’re a smaller system! The CWLI and the M36 methodology are for systems of all sizes, and we want smaller systems to know that your time commitment and participation will not be over-burdensome. Approximately 85% of participants in Phase 1 said they spent 40 hours or less throughout the two-year program on efforts outside of the CWLI workshops ((e.g., data gathering, internal team meetings) and 93% said that their experience in the Phase 1 will drive them to continue using the AWWA M36 methodology and Free Water Audit Software annually moving forward. 

If you have not yet signed up, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

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