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About the Colorado Water Loss Initiative

The AWWA M36 water audit methodology is recommended best practice in North American to support informed decision making for water loss control and revenue recovery.  Cost-effective water loss management reduces cost, increases revenue, serving the utility's bottom line and the rate-payer alike.  

The Colorado Water Loss Initiative (CWLI), through the State of Colorado's Department of Natural Resources, Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) provides a comprehensive program of training and technical assistance for water systems across Colorado.  This program is part of a strategic objective from the Colorado Water Plan:  to support water management activities for all water providers. 

Phase 1 of the CWLI program took place from 2018 – 2020, introducing the American Water Works Association (AWWA) M36 methodology and the industry standard tool for quantifying water loss and non-revenue water, the AWWA Free Water Audit Software.

Phase 2 is available to all systems and offers water loss training and technical assistance at two different entry points. Water systems that completed Phase 1 in full will continue an advanced track with training and direct technical assistance depending on the utility’s loss profile.  Technical assistance opportunities include supply input meter testing, billing data analysis and prorating, customer meter test design and result analysis, real loss component analysis, or leak detection. Systems that partially participated in Phase 1 or are brand new to the program will enter a new learner track with the opportunity to move into the advanced program track.

Phase 2 is expected to start in Fall 2021 and continue through 2024.

This website will serve as a hub of all news, scheduling, and resources throughout the duration of the program. After your register, please check back frequently!

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