About Phase 1 of the CWLI:

The AWWA M36 water audit methodology is recommended best practice in North American to support informed decision making for water loss control and revenue recovery.  Cost-effective water loss management reduces cost, increases revenue, serving the utility's bottom line and the rate-payer alike.  


The State of Colorado's Department of Natural Resources, Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) is provided a comprehensive program of training and technical assistance for urban water systems across Colorado.  This program is part of a strategic objective from the Colorado Water Plan:  to support water management activities for all water providers.  Phase 1 of the CWLI was structured and funded for the largest 165 water systems, though smaller systems were considered if space was available.  The focus of the program was the AWWA M36 water audit, the free AWWA Water Audit Software and associated WRF 4639 Level 1 Validation methodology.  CWCB teamed with Cavanaugh and WSO to deliver this important program. 

The program primarily included 4 work sessions spread out approximately over a 2-year period, beginning Spring of 2019.  Two of those work sessions were held at regional workshop locations (CEUs are anticipated), and 2 work sessions were conducted remotely with shared screen.  Utilities are were encouraged to include staff responsible for these areas:

                 Supply metering / Customer metering / Billing Management


The program was structured with 2 tracks, to accommodate utilities who already have experience with the AWWA M36 water audit, as well as those who were new to it.  Advanced validation & analysis  was available to a small number of utilities, depending on utility readiness and CWLI budget availability.