Welcome to the Colorado Water Loss Initiative!

Attention CWLI Participants:

We understand your daily work routine may be  different these days as a result of changing policies and procedures from the COVID-19 pandemic. We have developed the below guidance document to assist with preparing for Stage 4 sessions and potential reschedules.  Please know our team is ready to work with you to keep your existing appointment or find  one that suits your team during this unprecedented time. 

Please review the

Stage 4 Preparation and Reschedule Guidance Plan

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CWCB Outreach Letter - July 15, 2019


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In this program, you will:
  • Take the appropriate steps toward effective water loss control management, but it will also position your system to take advantage of future opportunities. The Colorado Water Conservation Board is scoping out future rounds of training that would consist of more advanced water loss management topics to build on the topics currently being offered. Full participation will make future grant funding proposals more competitive as those active participants will have a head start in understanding appropriate interventions for their water systems.​
  • Receive free training & technical assistance for AWWA M36 Water Auditing & Validation  
  • Learn where your loss costs are the greatest, and which should be a priority
  • Learn about data validation & how to daylight data issues
  • Determine next steps for water loss reduction and revenue recovery 
  • Enhance data reliability for your 1051 reporting to the CWCB
  • Adopt supply-side conservation practices considered BMPs by the CWCB, potentially relevant to future permit and funding applications  
This program is offered at no cost, and is eligible to drinking water system staff. Sign your team up today to begin receiving updates on the program:

Already Registered?  Brand new to the program?  We have options for you:

Participation in previous stages of the program is not required to attend these workshops! Our team will help bring those new to the program up to speed ***

Start by checking out the About the CWLI and Program Stages pages to learn more on the goals and structure of the program. Additionally, there are several good sources on the Resources page. From there, a member of our team will be happy to speak with you directly and provide you and your staff more context if you are entering the program mid-stream.

Stage 4: The next installment of the program, Stage 4 is a teleconference work session in which water auditing experts and each utility’s water audit team examine the utility’s AWWA M36 water audit in a 1.5-2 hour interview.  The outcome of Stage 4 is a "Level 1 Validated" AWWA M36 water audit for Calendar 2019.  For any utilities who submit 1051 reporting to CWCB by July 1st, this audit will provide you with the supporting data.