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CWCB Outreach Letter - July 15, 2019


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Welcome to the Colorado Water Loss Initiative!

In this program, you will:
  • Receive free training & technical assistance for AWWA M36 Water Auditing & Validation  (workshop locations will be around the state)
  • Learn where your loss costs are the greatest, and which should be a priority
  • Learn about data validation & how to daylight data issues
  • Determine next steps for water loss reduction and revenue recovery 
  • Enhance data reliability for your 1051 reporting to the CWCB
  • Adopt supply-side conservation practices considered BMPs by the CWCB, potentially relevant to future permit and funding applications  
This program is offered at no cost, and is eligible to drinking water system staff. Sign your team up today to begin receiving updates on the program:
Already Registered?  Brand new to the program?  We have options for you:
Stage 1: Whether you are new to the program or need a refresher of the Stage 1 material, We have you covered.  Head over to the Stage 1 Refresher page for a list of upcoming workshops in November 2019 and be sure to check out our Resources page as well.
Stage 2: This is a remote session between your staff and a member of our team discussing your water audit, supporting data, and practices within your system.  Stage 1 participation is not a pre-requisite and we have resources to help you prepare.  Schedule your remote session on the Stage 2 page.
Stage 3: The next installment of the program is another round of in-person workshops building on the fundamentals and applied knowledge from previous stages.  You can register for these workshops now on our Stage 3 page.