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June 2020

Stage 4 is a teleconference work session in which water auditing experts and each utility’s water audit team have a conversation about practices and policies surround the various input fields in the AWWA Free Water Audit Software.  Stage 4 will build from the practice session held in Stage 2 to hold a formal Level 1 Validation session.  Your team will be exposed to the level of data review conducted by the CWLI team as well as types of questions regarding the practices and policies within your system.
Please review our Stage 4 Preparation and Reschedule Guidance document in light of potential work environment disruptions as a result of COVID-19 restrictions.
We got this!
Your team should allow approximately 2 hours for your scheduled Stage 4 call.  Let's get started...

Your Stage 4 remote session is 3 easy steps away! 

Step 1

Use the scheduling tool below to select the best time and date to hold your Stage 4 remote session.  All times shown are in Mountain Time.  Only the primary contact for your utility needs to sign up.  Multiple staff members may be included in the scheduling process by adding email addresses separated by a comma.

If your team has already scheduled your Stage 4 appointment, then skip to the next step below.

Step 2

For your Stage 4 session, please complete the AWWA Free Water Audit Software (Inputs and Data Validity Grades on the Reporting Worksheet) for Calendar Year 2019 accompanied by your supply and consumption data for the same time period.

If your team has already gathered your Supporting Documentation and completed water audit, then skip to the next step below.

First time completing the Water Audit?

No problem. Head over to the Resources tab where you can find a link to download the software and brief introductory video to walk you through the process.

Curious about what your supporting documentation should include?

We have examples provided on our resources page that can help guide you.  Want to go the extra mile?  Check out the How to Prepare document on the Resources page that includes additional supporting data you might submit.



Step 3

Submit your Supporting Documentation and completed Water Audit through the upload portal below.

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