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The Water Loss Technical Assistance Program (Water Loss TAP) aids urban water suppliers in complying with the recently passed California Senate Bill 555, requiring suppliers to submit a completed and validated water loss audit annually to the California Department of Water Resources (DWR).  The Water Loss TAP is being implemented by the California-Nevada Section AWWA, with support from the WSO/Cavanaugh Program Management Team

This site functions as a dashboard to orient participants to the steps involved in the Water Loss TAP.  Below, find the four distinct phases, or waves, of the program, and the associated actions and deliverables.  The current wave is highlighted in blue.

Track Designation

The Water Loss TAP offers two learning tracks for the Wave 1 and Wave 3 in-person work sessions to recognize varying levels of familiarity with water auditing principles. Most urban water suppliers in California will follow the New Learner track in order to build a strong foundation in best-practice methodology. However, a subset of utilities that have pursued water auditing and water loss control in recent years will engage with the Early Adopter track to push their water auditing knowledge toward water audit data validation and advanced water loss analysis.  Check your track here.





July 2016 - September 2016

Materials to bring:

  1. Laptop Computer with the AWWA Free Water Audit Software v5.0 (optional: your most recent Water Audit, as submitted with your Urban Water Management Plan completed using this software - we will not work with your audit's specific data during the Wave 1 session, but this can serve as a good reminder of your audit volumes and practices to date). 

  2. Work Session Slides (Downloadable here)

  3. Lunch on your own (breakfast and snacks provided)

  4. Questions on Water Audit Methodology and Validation

Register your utility and water audit team for the Water Loss TAP 

RSVP to attend an in person work session

Not sure which track you are? Not sure if you've already RSVP'd? Check here

Attend the work session (8AM - 3:30PM)

Wave 1 is a day-long in-person work session (classroom) that covers the basics of water auditing and introduces water audit data validation.


  • Introduce Water Loss TAP

  • Begin technical assistance

  • Create utility water audit teams

Technical Assistance Themes

New Learners: Water Audit Fundamentals

Early Adopters: Introducing Data Validity